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group looking at desert rose

Group viewing a desert rose

The George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens has an attraction for visitors and locals alike. The Gardens, as they are affectionately called by locals, have been part of of Darwin’s social and cultural heritage since their location in a paperbark swamp over 130 years ago.

Walk Darwin offers a number of leisurely walks through the manicured grounds, shady tree-lined avenues, natural bushland and coastal habitats, each of which will allow you to discover a different aspect of the site, as it would take all day to cover the 42 hectares!

Enjoy a short 1-hour walk focussing on the trees and plants, or perhaps a more comprehensive 2-hour walk is preferred.  Either walk will enlighten you on significant trees and plantings, and the history and heritage that has led to the Botanic Gardens you’ll see today. There are many stories that your local guide is eager to share.

Along the way there may be a chance sighting of the tropical birds that the Gardens are well-known for, and seasonal flowers that you may miss if you don’t know where to look. So remember to bring your camera!

2020 George Brown Darwin Botanic Open Day Walks

We are offering a program of exceptionally priced walks for this year’s Open Day, you won’t see our 1 hour walk at this price again! 
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