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We invite you to join our free guided Sunday walks in George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens. Get to know the Gardens, it’s history and the people, plants and wildlife that have all made this parkland what it is today.

Duration and location

All tours are 60 minutes in duration and start and finish at the bridge near the fountain (Gardens Road entrance). Look for your guide in the bright orange shirt.

Bookings are essential – BOOK NOW


Sunday 23rd – 8:30am – Let’s Do this!
Join us for a brisk walk around the George Brown Darwin Botanic Garden and let’s see how many of the different areas within the Gardens we can visit in 60 minutes.


Sunday 13th – 3:00pm – Meet the Plants
Spanning a large section of the Gardens, this walk will highlight a number of the significant trees and plantings.

Sunday 27th – 8:30am – A Curator’s Legacy: The Maurice Holtze Story
Maurice Holtze is the founding Curator of the Garden’s current location, hear about the highlights of his work developing the Darwin Gardens in the late 1800s.


Sunday 10th – 3:00pm – What are your memories of the Darwin Botanic Gardens?
Come and reminisce with us about your visits to the Darwin Botanic Gardens, your childhood memories or maybe your time working in the Darwin Botanic Gardens? We’d love to hear your story.

Sunday 24th – 8:30am – George Brown Darwin Botanic Garden’s Tree Walk
Using technology, discover noteworthy trees as we introduce you to the Tree Walk that has been developed by the staff of the Gardens. Don’t forget to bring your smartphone, wifi is free.


Sunday 8th – 3:00pm – The People’s Garden: It’s not just about the plants
We’ll take a leisurely stroll and talk about all the experiences you can enjoy within the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens. You may be amazed by what there is to do!

Sunday 22nd – 8:30am – Meet the Pioneering Curators
As we walk through the Gardens, your guide will tell of four of the prominent Curators who have contributed to the development of the Gardens as we see them today.


Sunday 26th – 10:00am – Botanic Gardens Heritage Walk
Join your guide as they wander through the Botanic Gardens telling of the history and heritage of these 42 hectares of parkland gardens. Along the way there may even be the chance sighting of birds and seasonal tropical flowers.

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Important – please note!

Group size is limited to 12, therefore bookings are essential.
Once a tour fills, bookings will go onto a waitlist and we may, at our discretion, add another departure time on the same date. If you be unable to join the walk you have booked please cancel your booking so others don’t miss out. Walk Darwin’s tour Terms and Conditions apply.

Some of these walks will be on uneven ground, including grass and possibly steep inclines. Whilst the walks are leisurely, a moderate level of fitness is required. We recommend wearing non-slip walking shoes and carrying your own drinking water to stay hydrated.

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